Quickly switch between AWS accounts using aws-cli

The AWS CLI tools are really great for quick tasks on your AWS infrastructure, like looking which instances are currently running. You can also using aws-cli for automation of course. One thing I found annoying while working with multiple accounts was having to add –profile to my command each time I wanted to do something with aws-cli.

I wrote a small function to mitigate that issue. You can place this anywhere you like as long as it’s in your $PATH. I’ve put it in /usr/local/bin/awscred.

    if [ -z "$1" ]; then
            echo "Example: awscred gct"
    if [ -n $1 ] ; then
            echo "Enabling account $1 ..."
            export AWS_CONFIG_DIR=$AWSDIR
            export AWS_CONFIG_FILE=$AWSDIR$1
            export AWS_ACCOUNT_NAME=$1
            export AWS_DEFAULT_PROFILE=$1
            export AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID=$(cat $AWSDIR$1 | grep ^aws_access_key_id | cut -f2- -d"=" | tr -d " ")
            export AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY=$(cat $AWSDIR$1 | grep ^aws_secret_access_key | cut -f2- -d"=" | tr -d " ")
            echo "$1 is now active"
            echo "$1 - file does not exist in $AWSDIR"

We need to create an alias for this new executable and have it sourced every time in order to properly set env variables.

alias awscred="source awscred"

I also enabled auto-completion.

complete -C aws_completer aws

Create a directory called .aws in your home directory and start adding accounts.

$ vi .aws/client1

With this content. Please keep in mind to store your access keys in a secure place.